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App Wrapper 3

Simplifies Mac App Store & web site deployment

OS-X-Mavericks@2x OS X 10.9 ~ 10.12 & Xcode 6

Prepare your applications for macOS Sierra

App Wrapper will help get your apps ready

The latest version includes functions for DMG Image file code signing & signature verification.

DMG Image File code signing requires OS X 10.11.5 or higher. DMG Canvas integration does require the purchase of both App Wrapper and DMG Canvas and requires configuration.

Save time, effort and money when preparing for deployment

One-Click to Code Sign, Sandbox & package apps.

Let App Wrapper take the chore out of application deployment. Once configured App Wrapper makes it super easy to prepare applications for App Store submission or web site distribution.

App Wrapper takes care of adding the required App Store properties, creating high resolution icons, code signing the application and its components, correcting the permissions, placing the app into a App Sandbox and packaging it in a signed installer or creating a zip file.

"App Wrapper, the premium tool that we at Ohanaware and 100s of other developers rely on every day to prepare applications for deployment."

Enhance Mac applications to take advantage of great features

Deliver a better experience, without the hard work

Take advantage of Ohanaware's hard work when packaging an application, that'll make any application feel more consistent and more powerful, all with minimal effort on your behalf.

App Wrapper's intuitive interface also includes support for creating a custom Apple About Box, adding UTIs & URL Aliases, supporting document packages, adding high resolution document icons, providing Apple compatible help books, container migration, cleaner apps by removing unneeded languages, outdated architectures or left over development junk files. All by clicking a few buttons in App Wrapper.

"Use App Wrapper to help with submitting applications to the Mac App Store & deploying applications on a web site. It simplifies the code signing & App Sandbox with an easy intuitive interface, yet powerful engine underneath."

Integrate with the Xojo development tool

and let App Wrapper enhance the workflow

App Wrapper's Xojo Script engine, is the latest iteration, creating much quicker to execute Xojo scripts; that can be integrated into Xojo projects, thus enabling Retina & Sandboxed applications during the development process, all while providing direct support for Xojo's debugger. The result is a severally reduced development time as debugging Retina or Sandboxing issues, are now as simple as Command-R.

App Wrapper 3 includes "Pre-Build" scripts, allowing App Wrapper to inform the Xojo IDE where the intended application is to be deployed, thus making it easier to use one code base to build App Store apps and apps for hosting on a web site.

Geoff Perlman, CEO of Xojo Inc, had this to say about App Wrapper Mini "App Wrapper Mini makes post-processing our internal OS X apps a breeze! And the fact that its made with Xojo, our very own multi-platform development tool, makes it even better!" App Wrapper 3 is superior in every way.

Biggest thing to happen to App Wrapper, since... App Wrapper

Completely redesigned in a modern intuitive way.

App Wrapper 3 is a complete re-write of our popular App Wrapper, everything is 100% new code, from the interface to the functions we used to process applications. The result is a far more intuitive, faster, elegant and expandable tool that will service our users for many years to come.

Some of the new features include; Application Reports, providing detailed information on the app and its sub components. Cleaning functions for providing slimmer apps. Testing functions for Gate Keeper (without having to upload/download files). Installer testing and verification. Faster Xojo Scripts & new Pre-Build script. Brand new permissions correction engine. New Version Number correction system. Retina asset verification.



App Wrapper 3


App Wrapper 2


App Wrapper Mini
Code sign engineVersion 3
Apple Temp Enhanced*
Version 2
Apple Temp*
Apple Temp*
Container migrationYesYes 
Icon generatorVersion 4Version 3Version 2
About Box EditorVersion 2Version 1 
XHTML ValidatorVersion 2Version 1 
Help Book ConverterYES  
App ReportVersion 2Version 1 
CleaningBy file extension
Specific files
Resource Forks, ACLs, xattrs, Qtn
Highlighted files in resources 
Architecture cleaningPowerPC code
Make 32-Bit Intel only
Make 64-Bit only
PowerPC code 
Fine grained file controlYESDelete selected resources only 
Xojo ScriptsVersion 4 (pre & post build)Version 3 (post build)Version 2 (post build)
PackagingSigned installer
Zip file
DMG (via DMG Canvas integration)
Signed installer
Zip file
Signed installer
Fix broken frameworksYESYES 
Fix bodged bundlesYES  
Installer testerYES  
Quarantine testingYES  
Retina Asset VerificationYES  
DMG code signYES  

*The Apple Temp engine was introduced with OS X Mavericks as a temporary stop gap solution, Apple have not said when they will retire it, just that they will. The enhanced version in App Wrapper 3, aids the engine in picking up files that it normally misses.


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