we've very sorryCardsmith has been retired

We've so very sad to have to write this and for you to see this, but we've had to retire the Ohanaware product that you were looking for.

We truly appreciate you being our customer and helping us to realize our dream of creating wonderful Mac applications that we're very proud of.

However as we are only a two person (wife & husband) team; we are limited in time as to what projects we can create & maintain. The recent years of annual macOS updates; require too much time to keep existing and non-profitable projects running. This detracts from our ability to improve and maintain other applications. Therefore with much regret we have to announce that we're simply not able to keep up; and have started to trim down our library of projects.

Current projects

HDRtist NX2

The Power to Create Magic

App Wrapper

App Packaging tool


Budget HDR app

SVG Converter

Converts SVG to PDF, PNG

All retired projects

Apps marked with 1 were already 64-Bit in anticipation of macOS 10.15 Catalina. However they were broken by other changes that we were not aware of until the developer previews were already underway.

10.15 Catalina10.14 Mojave10.13 High Sierra10.12 Sierra
  • App Wrapper1
  • HDRtist 21
  • HDRtist NX21
  • HDRtist Pro
  • SVG Converter1
  • App Wrapper
  • HDRtist NX
  • ICNSmini
  • SVG Converter
  • App Wrapper
  • App Wrapper
  • Shine
  • Cardsmith
  • Funtastic Photos
  • Iconographer1
  • ICNSmini1
  • Magic
  • Preview Reset
  • Retina Kit
  • Sandbox Kit
  • Shine1
  • Backup to Go
  • Permissions Reset
  • Fun Greetings Deluxe SE
  • Fun Card Studio 2
  • Document Icon Maker
  • Fun Greetings Deluxe