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Ohanaware & your privacy

Some of our Ohanaware applications feature social media integration, this document explains how we use social media integration in our applications.

Image Sharing

In order to be able to share images on social media web sites, the user must authorize our applications to do so. Our applications do not access or store any of your information in this process. Some social media sites might need our application to recall authorization codes locally so that the user isn't required to reauthorize every time to post a photo. These authorization tokens are stored securely within the Apple Keychain system. You can use the Apple "Keychain Access" application to view these tokens. There is no personal information gathered when the user is sharing photos.

Facebook Like Button

Some of our applications feature a Facebook "Like" button within the application. When the user clicks on this button, they are automatically added by Facebook as a fan of the application. When messages are posted to the application's Facebook page, they will show up on the users Facebook feed (unless the user "unlikes" the application or choose to prevent the application posts from showing in their feed). Ohanaware do not collect personal information from this page. Ohanaware do however post information on the chosen product, related products, competitions and promotions to the application page. If Ohanaware run a promotion through the Facebook page, we may choose to send direct messages (through the Facebook system) we need to inform you of winning a competition or promotion. If a customer posts a support request or asks a question, Ohanaware may choose to send the user a direct message (through the Facebook system).

Optional Mailing List

On our site we have the option to subscribe to our own mailing list. We use GoDaddy's "E-mail Express Marketing" software to handle the mailing list. All subscriber information is stored by GoDaddy, we do not take a copy of subscriber information, nor do we pass it onto any third party, no matter how they ask. We only use this information to send out notices of new applications, application updates and any promotions that we are running or feel our customers might be interested in.