app diagnostics made easy

Beta version 2
macOS 10.12 ~ 10.15 • 4GB RAM

Built with the Ohanaware App Kit, available exclusively via the Omega Bundle



Why does this application have a no-entry sign on its icon?


Quickly see what personal and private information this app has access to.


Have Apple checked it for malware? Does it use all the latest security from Apple?

Open Files

What files does this application have open at the moment?


Who made this application? How can I get in contact with them?

App Info

When was it made? What OS was it made for? How long has it been running?

Mac Info

System information, OS version, processor, code count, RAM, graphics card.

Check the logs

Displays logging data from this app and other apps that interact with this one.

Crash Reports

See crash reports for the selected application, right there in the main window.

Help the developer

App Report makes it easy to send the log data, crash reports back to the developer.

For developers

Let App Report take the headache out of collecting data which can be critical in solving issues across the many different versions of macOS and variety of hardware.

App Report is easy to use and can be called directly from your application, where it will collect information and wrap it all up into an e-mail that's addressed directly to you. All the information that's collected is viewable by the customer, so they don't need to worry about this tool doing dastardly deeds.

  • Drill down the log data to find Sandbox violations.
  • Check the TCC log data looking for TCC violations.
  • Check nested executables, signed correctly and same architecture.
  • Crash reports from App Store and non-App Store apps.
  • Preferences, so it's easier to test with customer settings.
  • Info.plist & code signing information to validate that you're not trying to solve a problem created by a cracked version.
  • Log data generated by the application and OS services.
  • Open files, to make sure it's not leaking file access (as some API on Catalina does).
  • How long the application has been running, does the problem occur only after running for a certain time.
  • How long the system has been running, some issues only show after the system hasn't been rebooted for a while.

Adding publisher information to an app

Use the following keys to add some extra information to an App's Info.plist, which is then displayed in App Report when a customer views the App Info.

OWARPublisherName         = @"...Publisher/Company/Developer name...";
OWARPublisherSupportEmail = @" email address...";
OWARPublisherSupportURL   = @" website...";
OWARPublisherURL          = @"...main web site...";

Providing a button or link within the application

Xojo developers who use our AppKit can use the following code, to display a window allowing the user to download App Report, or simply open App Report and begin the process.

AppReport.createReportAndSendTo( app.infoPublisherSupportEmail )

For users of other languages, simply create an url using the below format, and request the macOS to open it.

@"appReport://" + URLEncoded( @" name..." ) + @"&sendto=" + URLEncoded( @" email address..." )