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Paid Source Code

Retina Kit32 & 64-Bit

Build Retina ready, modern
& compelling OS X Apps

The #1 third party solution to making a Retina compatible application with the Xojo development tool. Uses Apple's Retina API and follows their guidelines for handling Retina correctly.

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Sandbox Kit32 & 64-Bit

Save time, effort & frustration
with the App Sandbox

Simplify Sandboxing of apps by easily using the exact same functions as Obj-C & Swift apps, just within the Xojo development tool. Includes: AppleScript, Bookmarks, Recent Items, Window Restoration.

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Error Reporter 2016r132 & 64-Bit

Simplify error reporting & customer feedback

Get a breakdown on where error's are occurring within your Xojo built applications, includes basic machine and OS information to help diagnose issues.

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App Wrapper

App Packaging tool

Sandbox Kit

Xojo Sandbox solution



Backup To Go

Take your important files

FREE Source Code

Receipt Tester32 & 64-Bit

Check App Store receipts

64-Bit compatible code for verifying App Store receipts. The code is flexible in design and includes the full source code.

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Take control of App Nap

Source code for NSProcessInfo, the Obj-C class used to control App Nap.

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Promised Files Redux32-Bit

Handle OS X's Promised files

Uses the newer APIs for accessing promised files from Apple's Mail or Photos applications.

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OS X Version Information32 & 64-Bit

OS X Version Info

Uses the correct way of getting the OS X version on 10.10 or higher, resorting to older mechanism on an older OS.

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