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Quickly fix incorrect colors or wrong white balance in a photo.

Real quick tutorial for you, how to fix a photo where the white balance is wrong or the colors are slightly incorrect. Don’t worry it’s not much work, in-fact the software will do the hard part for you. There’s a YouTube video available if you prefer movies (, or read on for the text tutorial.

Photo 1 – Lunchtime, a little too warm in color

It’s not a bad photo, except it’s a little too red. Now I could use the color balance filter to manually adjust the red channel, or I can get Funtastic Photos to do it for me. Open the image in Funtastic Photos, and click on the “Advanced Options” button to reveal all the options and click on “Color Balance”.

Okay, nearly finished! Simply click on the “Select” button, the cursor will change to a cross hair and then click on a part of the photo that should be white. Voila, Funtastic Photos has now determined how to fix the colors so that they are as close to correct as we’re gonna get.

Before Color Correction

After Color Correction

Photo 2 – Under shelter, making the photo green.

In this next photo, there isn’t a white plate or anything here that we can use to automatically adjust the color… Not quite, the white of her eyes will do perfectly!

Before Color Correction

After Color Correction

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One Response to “Quickly fix incorrect colors or wrong white balance in a photo.”

  1. Paul Says:

    well written blog. Im glad that I could find more info on this. thanks

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