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Flash v.s. Apple, The Internet & The World (Update)

Just a quick update in the Flash v.s. The World death match. Adobe has publicly responded to Apple, with an advertising campaign saying Adobe Loves Apple.

Across the web world, sites such as CBS have publicly ridiculed Adobe, by saying that they’re gonna drop Flash, while some like Hulu have fired back saying that HTML5 isn’t ready (with the lack of fullscreen in HTML5 video, I’m inclined to partially agree with this, although I do like video that doesn’t cook eggs! Opera’s Phillip Grønvold comments on Flash).

The most important thing about Adobe’s slap back (, is an interesting statement that I didn’t realize. Adobe claims that Flash is open, which would mean that should Apple choose to do so, they could write their own hardware accelerated, bug reduced, crash resistant Flash plug-in. So this beckons the questions, did I misinterpret Apple’s citing of Open? Or was Steve misinformed by someone, or has Adobe only just released documentation in a effort to fight back?

Flash is still controlled by Adobe and Adobe only, all other web standards have a board who decided what features are going to be in a web specification. Maybe that’s what Jobs meant by ‘Open’ness, while the specification is available, Adobe are very much in control, after all Flash is a product that makes money, Adobe want to retain some degree of control.

If Steve was misinformed, then that’s kind of very bad. Apple launched a public campaign against Flash with incorrect information, if this is the case, then I guess that employee who gave him the information is in trouble!

Lastly, if Adobe just relased the specification as to say “We’re open, see the specification to Flash”, then that’s really bad too! As Adobe have launched a public campaign against Apple and are fighting them on false terms!

Most likely it’s option A, I simply misinterpreted the meaning of “Open”…

How does this affect us? In no real way, it’s like watching a baseball game or football match. You simply support your own team.

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One Response to “Flash v.s. Apple, The Internet & The World (Update)”

  1. Charles Neville Says:

    As this post on Daring Fireball points out, Flash is less open than Microsoft Office:

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