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Photo Mosaic Posters and Funtastic Photos

Picture Collage (20) Today’s tutorial is from Funtastic Photos user Eric Goldstein. Eric wrote to us, to share how he printed a massive 24×36″ photo mosaic poster of his son.

1) Select the right background size (24X36 if you’re going to print it poster size – smaller or larger if you want to go there). I made a mistake on this because when I originally did it, I let the picture drive the size of the canvas which created a 32X24″ poster. It’s fine, but there are no pre made frames at 32X24 so it was more expensive to frame it. If was to do it again, I’d make sure it was 24X36 so I could use a standard frame.

Overall, I think the software is incredible but you don’t quite see the value of it on a 17″ monitor (unless you tell people to “zoom in” on the image). The cool thing is to have a poster sized version of the picture that people can actually walk up to and not only see the main picture, but make out the detailed non-pixellated images that built the new image. When saved the item, i actually used a background that was two or three times bigger than the 24X36 ( I think I did 48 X72″). The poster company shrunk it back down to 24X36, but I felt it was bringing more detail (made the file size much bigger) so I thought it would improve the quality.

2) Select a larger number of rows (60 is not enough, but I found that when you moved to 100+, it started to use the same picture too often which diminishes from the value of the end product). I found that 90 is a good number of rows.

3) Obviously, more pictures is better (not an issue for me)

4) When exporting, I think I used 500 DPI (not sure how much that helped, but I used a higher detail and I believe I used .jpg only because the poster site I found would accept that and look good ( I tried a few different types, TIFF, PSD, etc. and found that JPG worked best and could be imported.

5) I also found that that end image comes out better if the main picture is not detailed or complex. I tried using it on an image with 4 people in it and the small size of the details were lost when it was “collaged” – e.g. (couldn’t really pick out the eyes or mouth). The version that came out best was a single picture of my son.

I’ve played around with some of the other capabilities, but the collage was worth the price of the software itself…

So a big thank you to Eric, for taking the time out to write how he accomplished his massive Photo Mosaic Poster. If you’ve accomplished something that you’d like to share with other Funtastic Photos users, then feel free to e-mail us a step by step guide and we’ll post it for all to see.

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