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New Animating Banner!

Animating Box Banner

Animating 'Box' Banner

While our new Square Box banner was cool, or so we thought, it got lost in the real world and therefore we went back to the drawing board and after a couple of days we have a new banner, which we think is very cool!.

What do you think? You can see it in action at Mac Tricks And Tips [] and soon Cool OSX Apps []

The enhanced image uses a new frame called Brush Strokes that will ship with the next release of Funtastic Photos [Click Here To Download The Brush Strokes Frame]

Other enhancements include correcting the color balance, cropping, digital flash and auto contrast. The original photo was taken in a restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan. Its a fish tank! I managed to get it so that there no shadows, but the lights in the tank weren’t that great and I didn’t have time to┬ácalibrate┬ámy color balance there (the camera got it wrong).

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