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Creating a Photo Collage

This tutorial will show you the quickest way to create an amazing and beautiful photo collage that will impress your family and friends.

  1. First we are going to need a lot of photos, the more photos and images you can get the better. Below is an example of the same image rendered with different amounts of images.
  2. photoCollageCountExample

  3. Most people have all their photos stored in their iPhoto library, this makes it easy to load a whole bunch. Simply select "Photos" from under "iPhoto" in the sidebar.
  4. iPhotoPhotos

  5. If you don’t have iPhoto or many images within iPhoto, you will need to use the browser to find folders full of images and load the folders into the "Print & Layouts".
  6. Now to select all the photos hold down the command key on the keyboard and then press the "A", or you can choose "Select All" from the "Edit" menu on the menubar. Once all the images are selected, click the "Print & Layouts" button in the toolbar.
  7. combinerAddImages2_300x120

  8. It may take a few moments to open all the images into the "Print & Layouts" interface. When it has completed the interface will slide across to reveal the "Print & Layouts" interface.
  9. CombinerJustOpened_300x279

  10. At the bottom of the window there is the "Layout" selector, its a wide silver bar with big icons in it.
  11. combinerLayoutSelectorJustOpen

  12. Underneath the "Layout" selector is a scroll bar, use this bar to scroll the "Layout" selector until "Picture Collage" icon is visible. When you can see it, click it to reveal the options.
  13. combinerLayoutSelectorPictureCollage

  14. The options are fairly straightforward. You have a preview of the source image, how many rows to use and the generate button.
  15. photoCollageOptionsChurchSelected

  16. To set the source image, scroll through the list on the left hand side and ether double click or click & drag the desired image into the preview area. Then use the Rows combo box to select the amount of rows you want to use, the higher the number, the more detail will be visible, however it will require more images. When you are ready click the Generate Button. Be patient as this can take a wee while.
  17. photoCollageOptionsHouseSelectedProgress

  18. Once its completed it will show you the finished photo collage, which you can then print out or save it an image file (using the Save As Copy button).
  19. photoCollageCompletedRows302000Images

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