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Thinking of shutting down the blog

March 14th, 2013

While today I’ve been bashing away on the keyboard writing articles for the blog, I’m actually wondering about shutting it down and moving to Facebook. What do you think think?

Watch out for fake Ohanaware apps.

March 14th, 2013

I’ve received e-mail from some folk who are having trouble with our applications, some of these e-mails were generated from the support within the application, so I had some basic information to start with. But the one thing I determined with these folk is that they are using a modified version of our application.
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Remaining Sandbox issues

March 14th, 2013

So Sandboxing has been out for a while and we’ve survived it mostly. We now have apps that work correctly when Sandboxed and are shipping. We’ve gotten to a point where we’ve even found some hidden gotchyas with the Sandbox and fixed them also. However there are still two remaining issues that we face with Sandboxed applications.

#1 Install Easy (our built-in app installer technology) doesn’t work and currently it doesn’t look like it ever will. We’re still investigating method to make it easier for end users to correctly install our apps in their ‘Applications’ folder, without relying on a pre-installer or using DMGs (which come with their own bag of hurt).

#2 Auto Updating technology, currently our own auto updating technology is not usable from within a Sandboxed application and while doing research on third party technology, we’ve discovered that their pretty much locked out like we are.

Hold on a minute, isn’t Sandboxing only required for the Mac App Store (which already accomplishes both tasks above) and therefore simply not Sandboxing the version on the site will solve this matter. Yes, that’s correct. Currently Sandboxing is only required for the Mac App Store, however I’m expecting a future version of the Mac OS to require all apps to be Sandboxed. The other reason is that sometimes we have to swap customers from our own store to the Mac App Store or vice versa. Sandboxed applications and non-Sandboxed application store their data in different locations and while we could write even more code to try to establish which data they should be using, incase a user migrates, we feel it’s better to not mess around with the users data.

Until these issues can be resolved, apps from our own site require manual updating and manual placement into the Applications folder.

What’s coming this year?

March 14th, 2013

We started this year with several app updates to our Fun Greetings Deluxe and our App Wrapper (we still have some to come).

But mainly we have a brand new application coming very soon, I’m not going to give much away just yet, except our testers are very happy people, many are amazed by this new app and we’re sure you will be too.

To coincide with the new app release, we have a new front page and tweaks to our site coming, along with an overhaul of our online store. Once the new app is out you should check out the refreshed site (some of you have already noticed some changes to our site that were made in anticipation of the new site). A few more pages including the store will now render much nicer on Apple’s Retina machines.

Some further info on our new application: It also utilizes the new application framework the same as Fun Greetings Deluxe (and you’ll see some of the improvements rolled back in to Fun Greetings Deluxe later on) as well as some pretty exciting technology that improves photo editing, yup it’s a new photo effect application :) It will be our second Sandboxed application and Retina ready app.

Next on my list is to continue converting App Wrapper into a Cocoa based application, this will help with Sandboxing it and also allow us to make it Retina Ready. App Wrapper is one of our most complicated applications to date, and this migration will most likely take some time.

A brief hiatus

March 14th, 2013

It’s been a while since I last posted anything here on the Ohanaware weblog, I’ve been posting tidbits of information over at the Ohanaware Facebook page, and haven’t really tweeted anything in a long time.

My excuse is that we’ve been really really busy here at Ohanaware for the last year or so and I’ve been focusing on developing new products and supporting our apps. Both of these tasks are time consuming and by the end of the day. I’m ready to do something else.

So I’ll start with a little update on Ohanaware. Last year (2012) we shipped some new applications, the first was “Fun Photo Cube”

Then we launched an update to our own tool “App Wrapper”, we use App Wrapper to prepare our own applications for release on the Mac App Store and also on our own site.

Lastly we ended the year with the launch of our “Fun Greetings Deluxe”, which is a whole new application dedicated to making and printing Photo Greetings Cards. Fun Greetings Deluxe was a huge shift for us as it was the first application to use our new application framework (where it’s been designed as modular as possible to reduce future application development). It was also our first Sandboxed application and our first Retina Ready application. Both of these tasks took extra time to prepare and we of course hit some undocumented Sandbox gotchya’s once we shipped, most of which never were revealed during testing!

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