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Registering, Activating or enabling the full version of Funtastic Photos

Congratulations, your now the proud owner of a Funtastic Photos license and thank you for supporting us Ohanaware and software.

Unfortunately we don't have an automatic way of telling Funtastic Photos on your computer that you've now paid for it. So you need to activate it, it's a quick clean process that allows your copy of Funtastic Photos to conenct to our servers and confirm that you've paid up and are entitled to the benefits of paying. How we do is by using a serial number, when you purchased Funtastic Photos, you were sent a serial number in to your e-mail. This serial number starts with OHFP001. If you cannot find that e-mail, you can find your serial number by following Find My Serial Number.

  1. When you open Funtastic Photos you'll come across this dialog, it's the registration dialog. From here you can enter your serial number.
  2. So open up your e-mail, find the e-mail from sales@ohanaware.com that contains your serial number, remember it starts with "OHFP001" and then copy it from the e-mail.
  3. Now back in Funtastic Photos, click on the little "Paste" button in the registration dialog. Then click on the "Activate" button; job done.
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