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Resolving Upgrade Issues

There are a whole bunch of reasons why sometimes there are problems with upgrading, we've gathered together some advice to help you.

Disk Image Failed To Mount

The main cause of this problem is that the download got interrupted and is incomplete, its hard so say why, so lets look at the solutions instead. Download the version direct from our web site [Click Here To Download From Ohanaware]. If the problem still occurs try resetting the cache on your web browser.

Updating Failed, Its Still The Old Version

Sometimes the gremlins get involved and the update goes wonky. In this case the best solution is to remove all copies of Funtastic Photos and start again.

Click the search icon in the top right hand corner of your screen and enter "Funtastic Photos" into the search field. Then click on "Show All". A window will appear listing everything to do with Funtastic Photos, click on the 'Kind' column header to sort by kind and scroll through the list until you see 'Application' in the kind column. You may have more than one Funtastic Photos. Select all the Funtastic Photos applications and drag them to the trash. Next look for funtasticphotos.dmg, select all of the disk images and drag them to the trash.

Now download a brand new copy from the following link http://www.ohanaware.com/funtasticphotos/. Once downloaded, it will open a window enticing you to drag a fresh copy of Funtastic Photos to your applications folder, do so and voila

Note: With Funtastic Photos version 1.0.4 we started to use InstallEasy technology and this technology makes it easier to upgrade than ever, although it is recommended, when asked you let InstallEasy install Funtastic Photos in the correct place for you.

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