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Downloading and Installing Funtastic Photos

Can't seem to download or install Funtastic Photos, well no worries. This guide we'll help you though the process.

Downloading Funtastic Photos

  1. First download Funtastic Photos by clicking on the following link http://www.macupdate.com/download.php/28384/FuntasticPhotos.zip. To make sure that it's downloading, check the "Downloads" window of your web browser, if it's not visible then select "Downloads" from the "Window" menu of your browser.
  2. downloadComplete
  3. Once it's finished downloading, it should automatically decompress and your download window should show the Funtastic Photos icon like the above image. Double click this icon to open Funtastic Photos and to start the install sequence.
  4. downloadStack
  5. If you cannot see the icon in your downloads window, click once on the "Downloads" icon in your dock and then click on the "Funtastic Photos" icon.

Installing Funtastic Photos

  1. When you first launch Funtastic Photos, it'll double check with you that you want to run this software. If you want to install Funtastic Photos, click on "Open".
  2. installSecond
  3. Funtastic Photos features "Install Easy", which'll place Funtastic Photos into your applications folder and create an icon on the dock, all if you want it to. If you're trying the demo, just click "Not Now" and you'll be asked next time you open Funtastic Photos. Otherwise check "Add Funtastic Photos icon to the Dock" and then click "Install".

What now?


Once Funtastic Photos is downloaded and installed, you'll see the registration dialog. If you've already paid for Funtastic Photos click on "Enter My Serial Number For Funtastic Photos" and then copy your serial number from your receipt e-mail and click on the little "Paste" button and then on "Activate".

If you're trying the demo, then click on the "Try Demo" button

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