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Download Shine 1.2 Beta today Download and test the El Capitan ready version

Test the latest Shine beta today, with many improvements and above all El Capitan & Apple Photos compatibility.

Check out the Shine version 1.2 Beta

macFormat4Stars"Capable of creating good looking results, this deserves a place in the kit of keen photo geeks." - MacFormat, June 2013

Stunning Light Rays Achieve the impossible

Photos with light rays are difficult to capture, right time, right place, right angle and so on.

It took 18 months for Shine to be completed, with many iterations of the engine. All in the quest to generate the most natural looking light rays possible.

Shine 1.1 includes a refactored version of this engine, delivering superior performance (nearly twice as fast as version 1.0) while using less memory (30% less memory than version 1.0).

"Shine is a godsend for stock shooters! God rays on demand! Thanks Ohanaware!"
- Richard Sisk, HDR360pro.com

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Beautiful Lens Flares Are easier with Shine

Camera & lens makers spend millions on trying to reduce "Lens Flares", add them back with Shine.

Lens flares, you either love 'em or hate 'em. Capturing lens flares so they compliment an image requires a skill in it's own right. Shine enables lens flares to be added post capture and because Shine's lens flare engine is based upon real lenses, it generates realistic lens flares.

Version 1.1 of Shine introduces 5 new lens flares (including some unrealistic ones).

"The lighting effects are realistic and natural looking." &
"in terms of quality and flexibility Shine is first rate."
- Mel Martin, TUAW.com

Maximum Warp Near real time performance

Shine's rendering engine features the next generation of the highly optimized "Dynamic Processing". Allowing Shine to provide near instant updates while editing & still producing Retina ready previews.

As the light source is moved in Shine, effects are updated near instantly, allowing for precision & saving time.

Focused Workspace Beautifully organized

It's easier to concentrate when there are less distractions.

Shine's tools are neatly laid out on the left, the rest of the window is used to provide a stunning large preview.

In full screen the preview almost fills the entire screen.

wideBoy   Shine's capable of illuminating huge (100+ megapixels in size) panoramas
Additional Functionality It's often the little things that make all the difference.
  • Supports 100+ megapixel images
    Due to the refactoring, Shine can now process large images, 500+ mb in file size.
  • Color & Mood altering Tint engine.
    Use the tint engine to apply a directional gradient shift in colors, warming up or cooling down.
  • Gorgeous on Retina Macs
    Shine is fully retina compatible, everything is more detailed, crisp and colorful.
  • Exports to a variety of formats
    Including JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF & Photoshop PSD.
  • Smart Saving
    Stores original image, data, previous saves and undos in a ",Shine" file
  • Side by Side comparison
    Use the original to keep the effects as realistic as possible.
  • Built-in sharing with online services
    Share photos directly to Facebook, Flickr & other services.
  • Light Sources
    Add light sources were there were none. For instance a sun setting.
  • Dynamic Range adjustment
    Via our custom built contrast engine.
  • Glow Effect
  • Light fall off (vignette)
Some more examples finalExamples To really see what Shine can do, buy it today for only $19.99.


  • OS X 10.8, 10.7 & 10.6
  • 2GB or more of RAM
  • Intel Based Mac

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