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Protect your important files, take them to go

Backup To Go

Your important data, with you

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Protecting your digital belongings couldn't be simpler.

Backup To Go, makes it so easy to safeguard your files.

Plug-in a USB stick, SD card or external HDD.

The latest files & changes are automatically backed up. The disk is ejected on completion*

Remove the disk & take your files to go.

"Many USB Sticks have keychain loops, SD cards are small enough to fit in a wallet, external Drives can fit in a purse or stay in the car. Importantly there is an extra layer of protection for your data."

Simply connect a USB Stick, Thumbdrive, SD card or an external Hard Drive, and configure it with Backup To Go. Then every time the disk is plugged into the Mac, Backup To Go will automatically copy the latest files and changes to the portable backup disk.

Download Backup To Go today, giving your digital belongings the much needed protection they deserve.

*Requires configuring for the first time and the disk may not be automatically ejected, if there are errors during the copy.

Powerful & Convenient features come as standard.

Smart, beautiful, easy to use and efficient.

Backup To Go - Preference Window screen shot

Simple Interface

Creating a backup script is as easy as dragging in your backup disk to the left hand side of the window, and the important files to the right hand side.

Backup To Go - Status Menu Item

Convenient Access

Want to change the settings, then use the "BTGStatusIcon" menu in the menubar of your Mac, no matter what you're doing, it's always there, ready for you.

Apple's wonderful battery icon

Precious battery life

Uses the latest techniques & Apple energy saving functions, to use Zero energy when idle. A must for all MacBook users.

Backup To Go Icon - with x-ray showing cogs inside.

Full Automagic

Automagically backup when the disk is connected; eject the disk when completed. Open automatically when your Mac is started.

Want more functions or features?

Get more features via In-App-Purchase options.

Custom Disk Icons

All your disks look the same? Give your backup disks unique icons with the custom icon editor.

Disk Notifications

Backup To Go displays a helpful on screen notification every time a disk is connected or ejected.

Our Deleted Files scanner

Deleted Files

Easily find all the deleted files (that have been backed up), either restore them or clean them to save space.

Don't leave the safety of your important files to chance.

For peace of mind, take them with you, where ever you go.

Download Backup To Go today and start protecting your photos, projects, thesis, drafts, app ideas and anything and everything else that is important to you. If you don't they may be lost forever.