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"App Wrapper Mini makes post-processing our internal OS X apps a breeze! And the fact that it's made with Xojo, our very own multi-platform development tool, makes it even better!"

Geoff Perlman, founder and CEO, Xojo, Inc. http://www.xojo.com


Due to Apple's recent code signing changes, code signing must now be done on a machine running OS X 10.9 or 10.10

Extend Xojo so that every time a Cocoa(3) app is "Run" or "Built" it can automatically be Code Signed(1), Sandboxed(1), made Retina Ready (With a Retina compatible icon), add & index Apple compatible help and make an OS X Installer Package(1).

Used on Ohanaware's smaller(4) 2013 products

As of 2013, some of Ohanaware's latest apps on the Mac App Store were wrapped using App Wrapper Mini, in fact App Wrapper Mini is available on the Mac App Store, thanks to App Wrapper Mini. It's also Retina Ready and fully Sandboxed.

Main Features

Speed up debugging of Sandboxed & Retina apps

Code Sign(1) and Sandbox(1) an application every time it's "Run" from Xojo, saves time and retains access to the Xojo Debugger. Making it much easier & quicker to narrow down Sandbox violations. The same can be said when working on Retina ready applications.

Make Xojo Cocoa(3) apps shine on Retina Macs

App Wrapper Mini can add the correct plist entries so that Xojo built Cocoa(3) apps appear in Retina on Retina Macs, it can also generate a "Hybrid" app icon that works on OS X 10.6 ~ 10.8 with Retina elements.

Mini Icon Editor

Create or verify Retina app icons with the icon editor

The icon editor within App Wrapper Mini, can be used to either create Retina compatible images from a wide range of transparent formats (inc. PNG, TIF, PSD & Windows ICO), or to verify that the chosen ICNS file contains the correct elements. The editor allows easy viewing of icon elements, as well as providing notification for required or missing Retina elements.

Mini Plist Editor

Advanced plist control with the plist editor.

Many plist settings are configured easily from the Summary page within App Wrapper Mini, for other settings the built-in plist editor can help. With easy selection of many common plist keys.

Add Apple compatible help easily to applications

Adding help to a Xojo built app is really simple, drop the help folder or help package into the help area of the Summary page. When App Wrapper Mini wraps the app, it will then copy the help files into the application, extract needed information and insert it into the plist, the help can also be automatically indexed.

Comparison of App Wrapper Mini v.s. App Wrapper

Please see the comparison on the new App Wrapper 3 page as it compares App Wrapper Mini to App Wrapper 3.


  • OS X 10.9 or 10.10
  • 2GB or more of RAM
  • Intel Based Mac
  • Xojo 2013r1
  • Xcode 6

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  1. Code Signing, Sandboxing & making OS X Installer Packages requires the command line tools available from the Apple Developer Connection site.
  2. Developer ID certificates are part of the Apple Developer Program.
  3. Using App Wrapper Mini with a Carbon based application is not advised. Retina is not functional with Xojo Carbon applications. Sandboxing a Carbon application is possible but requires considerable modification.
  4. Larger and more complex projects may require the use of App Wrapper Mini's big brother "App Wrapper" please see comparison table.
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