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We’ve always enjoy taking photos, my camera lives in my shorts, going everywhere I go. We’d usually touch up our photos before we share them, and felt photo editing should be quick, easy and fun. Funtastic Photos was born from these ideas, and we hope you’ll enjoy photo editing as much as we do.
Sam Rowlands, Developer of Funtastic Photos, September 2009.

Ohanaware is a husband and wife team with a history and passion in software development, in 2007 their games company Ohana Games* had a top ten hit with the game Recyclorama. Both Joy Sha and Sam Rowlands enjoy the thrill of amateur photography and sharing their photos with family and friends. Joy Sha has a history in the design industry with experience as a 2D and 3D artist, she also holds a masters in 3D animation. Sam Rowlands has been writing software since 1990. He won his first award in 2004.

*In 2009 Joy Sha and Sam Rowlands wound down Ohana Games and now focus their attention on Ohanaware.

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